The Vineyard at Red Bell Run

The Vineyard at Red Bell Run is a stunning backdrop of many of our lush pastures and the subject of many beautiful photographs taken almost daily! The combination of the vineyard, mountains and sunsets never fail to amaze.

One of the largest active vineyards in Polk County, we grow several varietals of grapes at Red Bell Run including Merlot, Chardonnay, Viognier, and Pinot Grigio. While we do not make wine here, our grapes can be found in wines produced by Mountain Brook Vineyards in Tryon, NC. 

In late summer and fall it is bustling with the activity of the harvest. The vineyards were planted 20 years ago by our vineyard manager, Silvano Chavez, for the Mize Family.

We are very proud of being a part of the grape-producing region of Polk County, NC, and feel that the atmosphere and beauty of The Sanctuary is enhanced by our 40-acre vineyard.


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