A Tour of The Upper Farm

Mini Woods

Home to our group of mini hinnies, mules, mini horses and even Clarissa who we suspect is actually a wild Somali ass. We use the Paddock Paradise® system to mimic what would be their natural movement in the wild. They spend most of their day on this open area and track system. The idea is that movement is what keeps them healthy. They do come in the barn in the afternoons for grooming and inspection and spend their nights under the shelters. 

Mini heaven

Mini Heaven is our barn home to special needs miniature horses. Most of the minis in this village require intensive care, treatment, and medications. Behind Mini Heaven are a series of “dry lots” where our minis can spend time with each other just relaxing and another “track” that leads to the trees at the back of the mini area. You’ll often see our minis napping and eating hay at the special mini hay feeder and sometimes racing each other to the barn! 

Mini Heaven Annex

Our Mini Heaven Annex is home to those miniature horses with compromised hooves. The sand you see in the dry lot area of the annex is soft and is often “fluffed” to cushion their tender and often laminitic feet. 

Mini Sugar Shack

Our Mini Sugar Shack was originally home to two lovebirds, Nathan and Delilah. The two were inseparable! Unfortunately, they have both passed over the rainbow bridge. Now, the Mini Sugar Shack is home to miniature horses Daphne and Snowflake.  

Silo Barn

Our Silo Barn is home to “land of the misfits”! That’s because we have one of each type of equine living here in relative harmony: 2 Shetland ponies, 1 miniature donkey, 1 paint, 1 elderly mule, and 1 quarter horse cross mare. 


Centerview overlooks the pastures on the north side of the upper farm and is a two-stall gentleman’s quarters. Here, our collection of Hackney ponies live in harmony. Three little Hackney mares came to Red Bell Run from the Humane Society of North Texas and unbeknownst to any of us, all three were pregnant! Their babies (now 3 years old!) still live at Centerview. 

Heehaw Hideaway

Heehaw Hideaway is home to two of our miniature donkey herds. Hee Haw Hideaway has has a small shelter with a “front porch” and attached dry lot. A wonderful group of miniature donkeys, the youngest being 20 and the oldest 34 live here, lazing their days away under the trees and enjoying their golden years.

Trailside Barn

Trailside was our original nursery barn, but is now home to our smaller donkey herd. Here you’ll find Nick, Early, Jasmine, Moonshine, Ruby, Gracie, Ella Grace, Scooter, Gus, and April. 

Sunrise Pointe

Sunrise Pointe is a 7-stall L-shaped barn facing east overlooking lush pastures and the memorial garden. Atop Sunrise Pointe is a cupola with the “red bell” of Red Bell Run as its focal point. Illuminated at sunset, the red bell is the symbol of the Sanctuary.


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