Hamish, 30-year-old hinny and visitor welcoming committee.

From Ark Watch Foundation

A Tour of The Upper Farm

Mini Woods

Home to our group of mini hinnies, mules, mini horses and even Clarissa who we suspect is actually a wild Somali ass. We use the Paddock Paradise® system to mimic what would be their natural movement in the wild.

Mini heaven

Home to our special needs minis and their aunt Amiga. Minis in this village are special needs and require intensive care, treatment and medications.

Special Annex

This is home to special needs minis and hinnys with stalls, shelter and special footing to give Laminitic equines comfort and some relief.

Mini Sugar Shack

Annex for our special needs minis. Minis in this village are special needs and require intensive care, treatment and medications.

Silo Barn

The Silo Barn serves as our nursery for incoming donkeys with foals at their sides and is home to some of our miniature donkeys.


Centerview overlooks the pastures on the north side of the upper farm and is a two-stall gentleman’s quarters. Our hinny Hamish, placed at Red Bell Run by the Ark Watch Foundation, and his friend Winslow, an elderly one-eyed mule, enjoy sharing quarters and grazing on their private paddocks.

MamMoth Hill

Mammoth Hill is home to two Mammoth Donkeys, Winston and Mariah, and their friend Snowbelle who is a 17-hand white hinny. They enjoy their barn, even using their “front door” and have access to seven acres of pasture.

Heehaw Hideaway

Heehaw Hideaway has a small shelter with a “front porch” and attached dry lot. A group of miniature donkeys, the youngest being 20 and the oldest, 34, live here, lazing their days away under the trees and enjoying their golden years.

Trailside Barn

The trailside barn and paddocks are the home of our group of hackney ponies and their foals. Sent to us by the Humane Society of North Texas.

Sunrise Pointe

Sunrise Pointe is a 7-stall L-shaped barn facing east overlooking lush pastures and the memorial garden. Atop Sunrise Pointe is a cupola with the “red bell” of Red Bell Run as its focal point. Illuminated at sunset, the red bell is the symbol of the Sanctuary.


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