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    Name: Titto

    Type: Donkey

    Color: Grey

      Markings: None

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 1/1/2016


Titto had a very rough start in life. His mom was owned by a lady who had a mental illness – hoarding. She lived in a broken down camper with no running water or electricity on an acreage barren of any type of forage or grass. Donkeys don’t need much, but there was literally nothing for them to eat. Unfortunately, little Titto had been born there and suffered, along with the rest of his herd, from neglect and starvation. Enter a wonderful group of ladies in Oklahoma called the Circle of Friends. Although they don’t themselves own a physical rescue, they have helped many animals get out of bad situations. They reached out and advised us of the plight of this small herd. 

Many of the jennies were pregnant since they ran with a miniature donkey jack (Buddy – whom we suspect is the father of most of the foals in this herd). After several weeks of intense negotiation with the owner, she was convinced to turn them over, and we promptly had the entire herd, including little Titto, picked up and taken to safety. They were all in horrible shape and required several months of rehab and vet care. Plus – the pregnant jennies were due to foal, so it was a race against time to get them healthy enough to safely give birth. Eventually, all of the foals were born and arrangements were made to bring the entire group to the Sanctuary.

Despite the odds stacked against him, Titto had thrived and grown into quite a large donkey with beautiful markings and a stunning cross on his back. Mr. Titto is a good equine citizen and is cooperative with our staff when he’s being groomed or having his feet trimmed. He is also a clown, and entertains us every day with his antics! He is often found “sitting” like a dog, wrestles and mock fights with his friends Tucker and Thomas, and generally has his nose into everything going on at our Longears Lodge barn! Titto has come a long way from the half-starved, wormy baby we rescued, and has grown up into a very handsome and charming donkey. 

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