Tiny Tim

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    Name: Tiny Tim

    Type: Miniature Horse

    Color: White & Palomino

    Markings: Spotted

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 12/31/2007


Tiny Tim is special in many ways! Surrendered to Red Bell Run when his owner’s circumstances changed and she could no longer care for him, he is one of our longest-term residents, moving from the Florida facility to North Carolina. He is a beautiful cream and white pinto with two blue eyes and the sacred Medicine Hat marking. His cute little ears are brown as is his poll area. This type of marking looks like a little hat or bonnet perched atop his head and horses with this marking were highly thought of by Native Americans.

Tim is one of those horses that simply gets along with everyone. We have a mini come in who needs a friend? Tiny Tim is there. Recently, little Willow lost her best friend, Twinkle. Who did our staff choose to move next to her and comfort her? Tiny Tim! He’s doing a great job, and Willow is recovering from her loss well. Someone has to be kept in a dry paddock for medical reasons and needs company? Why, Tim is the one chosen since he truly gets along with everyone. Need a participant in our Reading with Rescues program for children? Tim is happy to step up, listening to stories, and having little hands petting and grooming him, standing patiently. He is a gentleman through and through.

Although Tiny Tim is getting older now and occasionally loses his appetite, we tempt him with special feeds and so far, his appetite has always picked back up and he quickly goes back to being his happy, sweet self. We monitor his weight and body condition and make sure he gets the nutrients that he needs. He’s pleasant and easy to have around! Tiny Tim is one of those minis who never puts a foot wrong. We’re so happy to have him here and he’s a valued member of our little herd at Mini Heaven. 

Timmy Kristin
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