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    Name: Thurston

    Type: Miniature Hinny

    Color: Dapple Grey

    Markings: None

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 12/30/2012


Thurston’s story is all too familiar to the rescue world. Advertised on Craigslist as a miniature mule named “Thrift Store”, he caught the attention of a rescuer in Oklahoma. He was being dumped because the owner had “too many ponies”. 

As we all know, selling equines to strangers at giveaway prices doesn’t usually end up well for the equine. Sure enough, before the hauler could even get there to pick him up, the owner called saying that Thrift Store was limping on a front foot and asked if we still wanted him. Of course, we wanted him anyway and the sooner the better! The little liver chestnut mini mule, who we now think is a hinny, with the flaxen mane and tail was going to see better days.

With a new life came a new name and Thrift Store’s was quickly changed to Thurston. Before the little guy could even get to the quarantine farm, he collapsed in the trailer. Thurston definitely needed a safe place to go and prompt vet care; he was in bad shape. He had “tied up” which is when overworked muscles cramp continuously (imagine a full body charley horse). This is extremely painful and can adversely affect an equine’s kidneys if not treated. Not only that, but Thurston was completely terrified and impossible to handle. This made giving him any care almost impossible. Our vet at the time felt his tying up episode was so severe that he had probably suffered from being beaten. Fortunately, he did recover and was able to come to Red Bell Run!

To this day, Thurston is frightened of most humans and remains very skittish. Once he knows you, he will let you approach him and halter him, so we are able to give him the care he needs. However, his situation is one of the saddest here at the Sanctuary. We love all of our equines, and would prefer to lavish attention and care on all of them…but Thurston is clearly uncomfortable with this, so we respect him and do not pressure him to accept something he doesn’t want. He enjoys life in the Mini Woods track system, taking a good nap int he sand pile and hanging out with his friends. We love him despite his standoffish ways and will always try to make up for the abuse he has endured, keeping him safe here at Red Bell Run for the rest of his life. 

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