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    Name: Smokey

    Type: Horse

    Color: Black

      Markings: None

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 1/1/1998


Smokey’s owners had dug a grave for him and called our vet to come put him to sleep. On seeing Smokey, our vet refused to euthanize him. She will not do what she calls “convenience” euthanasia. Supposedly, he was “mean” to the other horses and “wouldn’t eat”. Smokey was somewhat thin, but he didn’t need to be euthanized! Instead, our vet called Red Bell Run and begged for a spot. Our vet is awesome and she was in tears, so we knew this was a desperate situation. Whatever circumstances had led to the spot Smokey was in, he didn’t need to cross the Rainbow Bridge if our vet said he didn’t need to go! Smokey soon arrived at our Villa Roja barn. 

With some asthma treatment and a stall of his own so he wasn’t run off from food, Smokey soon gained weight and his breathing got under control. He settled into his new life as if he had been born here. He’s 32 years old now and has eye issues which limit his sight, plus Cushings disease. He is best friends with Vinnie, the donkey. Vinnie is part of the herd that was rescued from a Chesnee law enforcement case. We soon discovered that Vinnie is one of the few donkeys who doesn’t want another donkey for a companion. It turned out that he had been a companion to a horse in his previous life, so we moved him to Villa Roja where he promptly joined up with Smokey and is happy to pal around with his big friend. Vinnie acts as Smokey’s “guide” now that Smokey’s eyesight is compromised and they enjoy their neighboring stalls and time out in the Villa Roja pasture together. 

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