Shelby Ann

Shelby Ann knows no strangers!  She is often referred to as the Queen of Red Bell Run and her sweet nature is apparent to all who meet her!  She is a 25 year old Belgian Draft Mule who wows visitors by her height and stature as she ambles over to get an ear rub. (By far her favorite thing second only to eating.) If you offer to rub them she will lower her head way down to encourage you!

What we know is that Shelby Ann pulled a plow for most of her life and the old couple that had her could no longer care for her due to the infirmities of their old age.  She was rescued from an almost certain fate from the feed lot by Circle of Friends in Oklahoma  and is now here at the sanctuary to live out the rest of her life in well deserved peace and bucolic beauty.  Shelby Ann’s situation underscores the importance for owners to provide for the needs of their animals after their own incapacitation or death.

credit: circle of friends, ok

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