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    Name: Punky

    Type: Miniature donkey

    Color: Grey

      Markings: Donkey cross

    Sex: Jenny

    Birthday: 1/1/2014


Our little Punky (named after Punky Brewster) came to us from a horrific hoarding situation in Oklahoma. We were advised that Punky and a group of other donkeys, some pregnant, were on a property without any feed source, no running water, and no care. The lady who had them meant well, but suffered from several issues and was in no position to care for herself, much less a herd of donkeys. Once again, the Circle of Friends Rescue Group in Oklahoma came through. After much convincing, the owner agreed to release the donkeys and a hauler was dispatched immediately. It was a truly pitiful group. One of the older, pregnant jennies went down on the trailer on the way to the quarantine farm. She survived, but it was touch and go. Punky, although skinny, wormy and with feet that had clearly not seen a farrier in a very long time, recovered with good vet and farrier care and a good nutrition plan. After several months and a lot of false starts, Punky and her friends arrived at Red Bell Run. 

Today, Punky, who is a miniature donkey, lives with her buddies at the Longears Lodge barn and track system. She can usually be found buddying up with one or more of her herd. She gets along well with the other donkeys, several of whom are always around to take care of their little friend! Affectionate and a little clown, Punky is a staff favorite and good equine citizen, easily handled for vet and farrier, and always willing to come up for a treat! 

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