Did I hear someone say it was time for a tour???

In Memory of Phoebe, December 2, 2019  

A word or two about luck…today we lost our Phoebe, possibly the most engaging, life-loving, bad a$$ dog that ever lived. Phoebe wasn’t just a child of God, she was a force of nature. She wrung every second of life out of her 19 years; she was the epitome of going out with a bang and never giving up or giving in. She used up every bit of that great big Wolfhound heart of hers and in the process she stole all of ours.

So what’s lucky about a loss that’s leaving all who knew her with such a sorrowful heart? It’s that we got to have her in our lives, that she taught us all about mind and heart defeating physical infirmities, and that we were the lucky recipients of her unconditional love. It was a mighty love, a universal tail-wagging, in your face, kind of love that chewed through doors and fences to get where Phoebe wanted it to be. So we were lucky…lucky that the universe gave us Phoebe to love and learn from.

The wind is howling across Red Bell Run right now and I’m quite sure it’s our Phoebe racing through the gates of Heaven. Good job, Phoebe, and thank you. See you at the Bridge, sweetheart.


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