Name: Perdita

    Type: Standard Donkey

    Color: Grey

    Markings: None

    Sex: Mare

    Birthday: 1/1/2014


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A frantic call to The Ark Watch Foudnation about a jenny and her newborn foal at a kill pen is how Perdita’s rescue story began. Perdita had foaled on the truck and her colt, Pequito, was just a few hours old and very tiny. Although Pequito was trying to nurse, he was having a hard time suckling and it became apparent that nourishment was a priority. To keep her milk stream flowing, Perdita had to be milked every few hours around the clock. As the weeks passed, Pequito began to thrive. Pequito now lives with his friend Pedro at Mini Woods and Perdita enjoys the companionship of other donkey friends at Heehaw Hideaway. 


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