Name: Normando

    Type: Horse

    Color: Dark Bay

      Markings: Star, snip, sock, coronet, and brand

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 2/10/2009


Normando is the only true rescued equine in our Main Barn and has the most interesting story – sad though it is. He once belonged to a Ranch owner in Spain and was his favorite horse. When that gentleman died, his children argued over the disposition of the ranch and decided to dispose of it and all of the horses. They gave the son who loved the horses and ranch only a few months…

Poor Normando was locked in a stall for months. 

Fortunately, right before the slaughter truck arrived, a woman who had known the ranch owner called a friend in the United States, begging for Normando’s life. Her friend moved quickly, sending funds to secure Normando and he was whisked to a trainer in the south of Spain where he remained for a year. Finally, since he needed a place to land, he was flown to the US. It turns out that Normando, who is highly trained, has some issues in his neck and poll. Because Normando had already been put at risk and needed a safe place to land where he would never again be faced with going to slaughter, his owner contacted Red Bell Run. Normando is now safe here, receives monthly body work to help with his neck and poll and is a handsome addition to our herd. 


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