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    Name: Moonshine

    Type: Standard Donkey

    Color: Brown

    Markings: None

    Sex: Mare

    Birthday: 1/1/2019


Moonshine is a very special donkey. She is part of a small herd that came from a Chesnee, SC, case after terrible mistreatment by their irresponsible owner, including dragging Moonshine’s father, Buddy Jackson, down the road behind an ATV. All of Moonshine’s family were in poor condition and barely handleable. At first, we thought that one of the donkeys, a jenny named Ruby, was Moonshine’s mother. However, we later found out that this wasn’t the case when a picture of Moonshine’s real mom surfaced during the investigation of the case (neighbors had called law enforcement when they saw poor Buddy Jackson being dragged down the asphalt road). Ruby and Moonshine were inseparable and were horribly upset whenever they had to be apart, even briefly. Even though Ruby isn’t Moonshine’s mom, she protects her and they are best friends to this day. 

Moonshine, once she settled in at Red Bell Run, was examined by our vet. Her first problem was eosinophilia. She had so many worms that they had invaded her lungs. It took many months of testing, deworming, and prednisolone before this infection cleared up. During this time Moonshine was very difficult to handle, ,but thanks to our dedicated staff, she learned that no one meant her any harm. Soon she could be given her medication, groomed and her feet cared for without stressing her. Unfortunately, the eosinophilia wasn’t the last of Moonshine’s health problems. She has a heart defect and quite a serious one. There is a hole in her heart (ventral septum defect) which is life limiting.

Our vet reported that Moonshine’s heart is about the same with some mild enlargement noted over the last few years. Her heart gets slightly larger year after year. Eventually her heart will grow too large and will not be able to compensate normally. She has had several electrocardiograms to evaluate the defect. Currently there is no treatment available to fix this. Fortunately, Moonshine doesn’t know that she has this issue, but we watch her carefully for any signs of respiratory distress ow swelling of the lower limbs which could be an indicator of the heart issue becoming more severe. When it does, we’ll take our vet’s advice and make her as comfortable as possible here at Red Bell Run.

Moonshine and Ruby are happily living at the Laughing Donkey barn at the Sanctuary with a cozy stall, dry lot, and a track under a beautifully wooded area. She is lovingly cared for, and we hope that it is a very long time before her heart causes any issues! 

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