Millie is a beautiful  brown donkey with white markings who lives in her own “apartment”,  Millie’s Manor.  You won’t see her socializing with the other donkeys though.  She had a unique upbringing (in someone’s kitchen) until she proved to be too big to be in the house.  Having bonded with the lady she lived with pretty strongly and not having any contact with others of her kind, Millie was emotionally devastated by her abandonment.

She has found it difficult to make friends and trying to integrate her with the donkey herd resulted in symptoms of stress.  She has found stability in her own quarters with a window facing into the Med office so she can see people; a mirror so that she can see herself; and her numerous toys and stuffed animals which give her comfort. She no longer is losing her hair or refusing to eat and is  quite happy with her own personal paddock which she decorates with logs and barrels to play with.  We always stop and visit her when we bring a tour around the farm to give her some extra scratches and a treat!



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