A Tour of The Lower Farm

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Villa Roja

Originally our “special” special needs barn, Villa Roja is the first village inside the lower farm gates. As it has grown, Villa Roja has become home to a diverse group of equines, and they all have special needs. 

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Sunset Ridge

Sunset Ridge got its name from a picture taken by one of our staff. It shows a silhouette of three horses high on the hill against the backdrop of the setting sun. Currently, three Mammoth Molly Mules and a Mammoth Donkey share the shelters and barns. They enjoy one of the most spectacular views on the lower farm.

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Mountain view

Mountainview, across the road from Sunset Ridge, is the home of Seven, a Tennessee walking horse, Aggie, an ancient working mule, and Molly a painted mule. Seven and Aggie are the best of friends. Molly is the newest addition to Mountain View and came from horrible neglect. 

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Hilltop is the highest point on the farm and was designed specially for our “big” girls. The doors and stalls are oversized to accommodate drafts, the economy-sized equines that helped build this country and even today are sometimes used to work on farms. Everything up at this barn is built with their needs in mind.

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Longears Lodge & Longears Lounge

These two barns are home to our “Big Herd” of 48 donkeys, Old Spice (a miniature horse), a hinny or two, and the occasional mule. The younger, more physically able crowd spends their mornings down in the Donkey Woods where they have several acres of “dry lot” to play on. They even have a couple of donkey playgrounds with hay balls, treat ball pods, and lots of safe logs to chew on. The older or more compromised group stays in the upper paddocks and barn areas where they can be under constant observation and receive medication and treatments. 

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Longears Villas

Longears Villas neighbors our Mountain View barn. It is home to a mammoth spotted donkey named Mariah and her sidekick Buddy Jackson. Mariah lost her best friend Lily last year and ever since, Buddy Jackson has been her boyfriend. 

Millie’s Manor

Millie’s Manor is reserved for a very special donkey. Millie was raised in someone’s kitchen and therefore had difficulty adjusting to the rest of the donkey herd upon her arrival at Red Bell Run. Millie does not know she is a donkey and for that reason she lives in her own villa! 

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Roadside Inn

Roadside Inn is a group of barns and shelters located around the curve at the bottom of the lower farm. A lovely pasture serves the equines housed here and they enjoy a nice stand of trees during the summer. 

Critters Corner

We have a ‘critter’ named Isaac, a small hinny, who lives across from the Roadside Inn. Little Isaac and his best friend Frodo, a draft cross pony, have a wooded hillside and shelter where they oversee all traffic coming down the main road. Everyone enjoys their antics as Isaac will often chase vehicles from the top of his hill to the bottom.


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