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    Name: LeRoi

    Type: Hinny

    Color: Dappled Liver Chestnut

      Markings: None

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 12/30/2014


Mr. LeRoi was a pitiful sight. In fact, he was so thin and bedraggled we and the vet both thought he was an elderly equine in his late 20’s. We couldn’t stand to think that someone had dumped this poor, old hinny to a questionable fate, so we agreed to take him in. As it turned out, once LeRoi arrived at the vet clinic, we were all in for a surprise! He was skinny, wormy and sick, alright, but a closer examination of his teeth proved that he was only about two years old! He had pneumonia, anemia and a whole host of other issues, but he had youth on his side. 

He was frightened, had clearly had limited handling, and wasn’t a fan of going through the various diagnostic tests that he needed. However, within a few months Mr. LeRoi overcame his illnesses, completed his quarantine and arrived at Red Bell Run. LeRoi is a typical hinny. Hinnies, with horse fathers and donkey mothers tend to be more like horses. More skittish, more of a prey animal, suspicious of new places and things, and in general a little more difficult to work with. They have a medium length ear (shorter than a donkey but longer than a horse) and more of a pony face than a longer donkey face. They can be wonderful companions, but they do take patience!

Fortunately for LeRoi he landed in a place where patience is in abundance. At Red Bell Run we understand that many of the equines coming here are suffering from unkind handling and downright abuse and neglect in their past lives. With coaxing and gentle handling, LeRoi is now very good for most things, even tolerating veterinarian and farrier procedures. He even goes for exercise walks in the vineyard. LeRoi has a “coat of many colors”, and in the summer has dapples galore while during winter he is a very fuzzy fellow. LeRoi is best friends with a group of ponies about his size and enjoys lazing in the sun, grazing with his buddies and generally enjoying life at the Sanctuary.  

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LeRoi at rescue

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