Kit Kat

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    Name: Kit Kat

    Type: Pony

    Color: Dark Bay

      Markings: Star

    Sex: Mare

    Birthday: 12/30/2012


Kit Kat was in a bad situation. With two other “ponies” she was getting ready to be sold at auction – and in the shape she was in, there was little chance anyone but a kill buyer or trader would want her. A rescue group in Oklahoma stepped in and decided the three of them didn’t deserve that fate. First of all – Kit Kat was sick with a respiratory infection and needed to see a vet and go through quarantine. The other two “ponies” were also sick. Several people stepped up so that tall three of these equines had a place to go. Red Bell Run agreed to take Kit Kat, so she began what would be a long journey to get to Sanctuary. 

Once through quarantine, Kit Kat was taken to a friend in South Texas to wait for transport to Red Bell Run’s Florida facility. After several weeks, she hitched a ride with some other lucky equines and made her way to Red Bell Run. There it was discovered that her pneumonia had recurred. There was scarring in  her lungs from  her illness and she had developed an asthmatic condition. Poor Kit Kat underwent months of antibiotic injections, but finally began to turn the corner. Our Florida vet confirmed what we had suspected…Kit Kat wasn’t really a pony. She had been so starved and neglected as a foal that she was actually a stunted two-year-old horse. Although still small for a horse, Kit Kat had grown into a beautiful mare!

Meanwhile, she became friends with some other ponies and when Red Bell Run transferred everyone to the current North Carolina facility, Kit Kat and her friends came, too. Today she is friends with Dauceny and Findley, two handsome Hackney ponies from the Ark Watch Foundation and little LeRoi, a little hinny rescued from a dire situation in Louisiana. This foursome lives at our Trailside barn, enjoying the green pastures and attention from our devoted staff.  

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