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In Memory of Winslow

January 1, 1998 – April 1, 2024

On April 1, our amazing one-eyed mule, Winslow, went trotting across the Rainbow Bridge. We all, including our vet, thought that Winslow was going to live forever. At about 30 years old, he had a bad foot, an even worse heart, one eye and an attitude that was, well…let’s just say Winslow did things his way, and his way only.
In 2016, Winslow’s owner had saved him from starvation and reached out to Red Bell Run. We didn’t have any room at the time, so the good folks at Second Chance Rescue in Georgia took him in for us. We supported him until two years later when a spot opened at the Sanctuary. Once here, he quickly became a favorite – despite his cantankerous ways. When you look up “personality” in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Winslow there. He didn’t understand leading (unless you were taking him where he wanted to be), any type of oral medication meant you would be wearing it as he flung it across the stall, and foot bandaging was torturous (mostly for our poor vet, staff, and techs). A great deal of planning and dexterity went into soaking Winslow’s feet, and putting on his foot bandages required lightening fast reflexes and a good deal of fortitude since Winslow would slam his foot down hard enough to register on the Richter earthquake scale. We knew when this abscess in his right foot wouldn’t heal that time was getting close, even though we all, including his vets, thought his heart would fail him long before anything else.
Winslow’s heart was described by one vet as “three tennis shoes tied together and thrown in a dryer”. No one quite understood how Winslow’s heart kept going as compromised as it was, but we know. It’s because Winslow’s heart was a great, stout mule heart and it kept beating because Winslow wanted it to. However, truthfully, we all knew that he had one hoof at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge for the last two years. Nevertheless, Winslow did things the way Winslow wanted to – including his final day. We are so grateful to his owner, Second Chance Equine Rescue, and of course, or vets, staff, and volunteers here at Red Bell Run, for making sure that Winslow’s years here were the best they could be.
Fly free, Winslow – you are taking our hearts with you!


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