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In Memory of Sasha

December 28, 1995 – February 9, 2024

Sasha had been with our Founder, Mary Adams, as part of her miniature herd, for 30 years. She was a five-month-old weanling when Mary picked her up and brought her home. The owner was supposed to have weaned Sasha from her mom prior to the pick-up date. To Mary’s surprise, Sasha and her mom were still together in a stall when she arrived. The two-horse trailer Mary had brought for Sasha’s ride home was filled with a comfy bed of shavings and large enough for Sasha and her mom (if Mary could talk the owner into selling). Sadly, Sasha’s owner wouldn’t part with Sasha’s mom, so Sasha, displaying more calm than Mary or the owner at that point, hopped onto the trailer and started on the road to her new life.
Mary worried all the way home. How was this small donkey going to thrive when she had been so suddenly removed from all that was familiar? Well, Sasha was a one-in-a-million gal. Upon arriving at the farm, Mary opened the trailer to find Sasha comfortably lying, forelegs tucked under her, facing the trailer door. Sasha hopped up, jumped off the trailer and immediately took her place in Mary’s little herd. It helped that several of the donkeys had come from Sasha’s original herd, so perhaps she didn’t feel as lonely as Mary was afraid she might – at any rate, Sasha never looked back and continued to be a joy to Mary for over thirty years. When Mary founded Red Bell Run, Sasha was always the calm one, greeting new arrivals, and no doubt letting them know in donkey fashion, that they had come to a good place.
Over the last few years, age and Cushings Disease caught up with Sasha and in February we said good-bye. One of the effects of Cushings is laminitis and founder, where the bones of the feet rotate and point downward. Sasha had begun having laminitis attacks (inflammation of the inner part of the hoof) three years ago. Sasha became uncomfortable again, but this time the radiographs of her feet showed that her feet had deteriorated past our ability to keep her comfortable. With heavy hearts, we decided to let Sasha cross the Rainbow Bridge where she is no doubt joining our Heavenly herd, wings on her feet and pain-free forever. Sasha’s life was made much brighter by the love she received from her Red Bell Run caretakers over the years: Miss Janice, Skylar, Jacie, Ethan, Barbara and many more. Her best friend Poncho will miss her the most, but we will love his sadness away, and he’ll have the remaining members of the original herd to comfort him.
Fly free, sweet Sasha. We will see you again.



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