In Memory of Phinneas – June 7th 2021

Last week we said Good Bye to Phinneas, a nearly 50-year old Donkey rescued by our friend Celine Myers of the Ark Watch Foundation and placed at Red Bell Run several years ago.  He was many things…a bit persnickety (food was to be served in an appropriately warm or cool feed room on his special table,) opinionated (at his age he probably thought our drama and fussing over his many physical infirmities was ridiculous,) and he was possessed of an earsplitting bray that left no doubt about his feelings at any given moment.  He suffered from Cushings Disease which causes the inability to thermoregulate body temperature so he had an extensive wardrobe of various weight sheets, blankets, coolers, and raingear which he wore with dapper aplomb.  Sadly, he had lost his mate, Phoebe, before coming to Red Bell Run but became a companion to Miss Amanda, another Ark Watch rescue who is a character in her own right.  They shared a stall, raised an orphan and generally fussed, grumbled and loved their way through several happy years here at Red Bell Run. 

His great Donkey heart finally gave out on him and we had to let him go.  As heart sore as we are at losing Phinneas, we know that he is in Donkey Heaven, braying up a storm and knocking on the Heavenly Feed Room door demanding his supper.  We’ll see you at the Bridge, dear Phinn.

Phinneas and Amanda



Dear Lord, we are sending you our Phinneas today.
Please take him into Your loving arms, restore him to health and reunite him with his beloved Phoebe.  Give him silver wings to soar on golden winds.  Let Heaven reverberate with his loud, proud (earsplitting) bray and his feet dance in the Clouds so that we may see them race across  the skies at Red Bell Run and know he is with your Heavenly Herd.
 Look kindly on those of us who will miss him daily.  We are grateful for the years we had with him and that we had the strength to let him cross the Bridge in his time, for it is the final kindness that we can give him.
Please Lord, give Phinneas a special place in Your very finest Meadow,  let a friendly Sun warm his bones, a sweetly shining Moon ease his  nights and a gentle Wind to ruffle his shining coat.  We know that someday, when we cross that Bridge ourselves, we will hear his earsplitting bray, welcoming us Home.


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