The Sanctuary Story

The Sanctuary at Red Bell Run is part of a larger property in the lovely Western North Carolina Foothills. It includes a 40-acre vineyard as well as housing and pastures for rescued equines from across the United States. Sweeping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains surround this home to rescued and special needs equines.

A brainchild of Mary Adams, the Sanctuary accepts animals from law enforcement and other 501(c)3 rescues whose quality of life is still acceptable but who need more intensive or special care to remain comfortable. It is one of a few of its kind in the country, providing individualized care to over 100 equines.

Red Bell Run works with several rescues across the US to take in equines who are considered un-adoptable or who need end of life care. Included among the equines sanctuaried at Red Bell Run are miniature hinnies, donkeys, and ponies as well as their larger brethren from horses to draft mules and even Mammoth donkeys. Each is considered as an individual and their care is overseen by our knowledgeable staff, farriers and veterinarians.


Our Phoebe is an 18-year-old Irish Wolfhound x Border Collie (we think) who embodies the concept of “Move It or Lose It.” Phoebe is up at 7:00 a.m., downs her breakfast and is off to assist one of our equine staff with farm duties. If she isn’t doing that, she is assisting the office staff by ensuring that one of the armchairs in the office is covered with Phoebe fur while she naps.

Phoebe was rescued by Mary Adams several years ago through an Irish Wolfhound rescue. She has lived with Mary ever since. Phoebe has several physical challenges these days including severe arthritis, but you’d never know it. She runs herd over the staff at Red Bell Run and in general amuses and inspires us with her antics and enjoyment of life despite her limitations.

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