Frodo by Lori Parker


    Name: Frodo

    Type: Draft Cross Pony

    Color: Strawberry Roan

    Markings: Blaze 

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 12/24/2008


Frodo is a draft cross pony who came to Red Bell Run from Texas. Initially purchased by a lady for her daughter, Frodo seemed like the perfect match. Unfortunately, Frodo soon exhibited spooking issues and the young girl and inexperienced owner weren’t sure what to do. Enter a group of rescuers from Oklahoma who happened to see an ad on a craigslist page and soon Frodo was on his way to us. We’ve discovered that Frodo has limited vision and we accommodate this issue. He is now a happy, healthy companion to our little hinny, Isaac.

Frodo Lori
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