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    Name: Frodo

    Type: Haflinger Cross Pony

    Color: Strawberry Roan

    Markings: Blaze 

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 12/24/2008


Frodo is a beautiful Haflinger cross pony who is as sweet as he is handsome. Adopted out to a family and meant to be a child’s first pony, Frodo was, unfortunately, not suited for the job. There were several near disasters in which Frodo would be standing quietly, but suddenly flee in terror. His adopters contacted the rescue that had placed Frodo with them and explained the situation. Understandably, Frodo just wasn’t working out; the adopters weren’t prepared to deal with a behavioral issue like this in a child’s pony. 

No one could figure out what was wrong, but the situation was dangerous. They would be forced to sell him if the rescue couldn’t take him back. That wasn’t an option anyone wanted to consider, and certainly not in Frodo’s best interest given the behavioral issues that had come to light. We were contacted – unless Frodo could be diagnosed or his behavior changed, he couldn’t safely be adopted out. Frodo is exactly the type of cute-as-a-button pony that would end up being passed around from home to home and finally to a trader because of his behavior, so we accepted him at Red Bell Run. We know that once even beautiful ponies like Frodo get on this merry-go-round, the chances are good they will end up in a bad situation. We don’t want that to happen to any equine and certainly not to sweet Frodo!

When Frodo arrived, we discovered that he is fine – as long as you’re in front of his withers. If you were any further back, he would suddenly bolt. We now believe that Frodo has a vision problem but he has learned to trust us and rarely has an issue anymore. He developed cancer in one eye that was successfully treated and we watch carefully for any reoccurrence. Frodo is now happy living at our Critters Corner shelter across from the Roadside Inn  barn. He has a young hinny named Isaac as a companion. They have become best friends and do everything together! 

Frodo Lori
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