Flica Britt


    Name: Flicka

    Type: Miniature Horse

    Color: Sorrel

    Markings: Star, Stripe, Snip

    Sex: Mare

    Birthday: 12/31/2009


Flicka is a sorrel miniature horse with a flaxen mane and tail. She came to Red Bell Run healthy and well cared for, but her family was in crisis. The family loved Flicka very much and had taken very good care of her and her two friends, Charley and Chief. When the mother became sick with a terminal illness, Flicka’s boy realized that it was necessary to find a good home for his horses. The boy began the search and came upon Mary Adams and Red Bell Run. Though only 17 years old, he knew it was important and his responsibility to provide for their ongoing care. He requested an interview with Mary and they discussed the philosophy and care practices of Red Bell Run. Mary and he both agreed that the equines could stay together and that the Sanctuary would be their forever home. Chief has since passed, but Flicka remains a Red Bell Run ambassador. Charley lives at our Villa Roja barn. 


Flick braids KR
Flicka Kristin
Flicka snow Kristin


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