Frequently Asked Questions


Red Bell Run looks beautiful. Can I visit?

By all means! We conduct free tours Tuesday-Saturday by appointment. You can call us at 828-863-2017 or email to schedule your tour. 

Do you ever have jobs available at the Sanctuary?

Yes we do!  Especially if you have previous horse or donkey experience and are compassionate about helping animals. Check out the “Employment” tab for job postings. Here you can also download and fill out an application to mail in to us.

I love horses. Do you accept volunteers?

All the time! We have endless volunteer opportunities here at the sanctuary for every experience level. Whether you’ve been around equines your entire life, just want to learn, or are happiest organizing and assisting in the office…we have a volunteer job for you! You can fill out a volunteer application right here on our website under our volunteer tab and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch!

I have a horse that is old and I can no care for him. Can I retire my horse at Red Bell Run?

The Sanctuary at Red Bell Run is for equines that are not suitable for adoption due to medical or behavioral reasons. Unfortunately, we are not a retirement facility.  We assist other 501(c)3 organizations or Law Enforcement Agencies. Due to the hardships of their previous lives, these animals usually have complex needs and are here to heal physically and emotionally and to live out the rest of their lives. Needless to say, we have a long waiting list, but we can always try to recommend responsible alternatives. 

Vinnie and flowers
I have never handled donkeys before. How can I be of help?

No worries! Our staff loves to teach others about the beauty and intelligence of our “long ears”. They are such a special equine species and they’re easy to fall in love with. 


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