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Equine Veterinary Technician  

The Sanctuary at Red Bell Run is seeking an experienced equine veterinary assistant to work Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Red Bell Run provides all the fundamental care required to ensure the physical and emotional health of our animals. This job can be fast paced and demanding at times. Applicants can work 3 10 hour shifts, 3 eight hour shifts, or 1/2 day Thurs and 3 8 hour shifts.

General Overview of Responsibilities include: 

-Checking animals daily and reporting any noticeable health issue to management immediately, assisting vet, and working with vet during emergencies if needed

-Keeping detailed records of care and illness of all animals

-Communication and correctly relaying information to staff about medication orders, med charts etc.

-Assisting and recording information correctly During vet visits/emergencies


3-5 years of experience in a veterinary equine setting and /or previous history of working with horses, donkeys, and mules preferred.

-Good observation and organizational skills

-Ability to comfortably handle constant change

-Knowledge of general first aid, worming, medication administration, bandaging

-Must know how to assess most common equine ailments i.e., colic, lameness, wounds etc.

-Must know equine medical terminology for communication purposes with vet, staff

-Must have knowledge of common equine medications

-Positive attitude and excellent work ethic

-Must be able to work in all weather conditions

-Excellent understanding of behaviorally challenged animas/handling skills

-Willingness to work weekends and holidays

-Computer Skills are a must

-Knowledge of safety protocols, safety concerns

-Have a thorough understanding of Red Bell Run Sanctuary’s Mission

Any Combination of education training and experience which demonstrates ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as described: Animal Science or Equine Sciences degree, vet tech experience or working in an animal sanctuary. Salary commensurate with experience and ability.

Job Type: Part-time

Equine Staff

The Sanctuary at Red Bell Run is seeking equine caregivers to work with our health sensitive animals. Our 150-acre farm has paddock systems for rescues from other 501cs and authorities. We are looking for candidates with experience with donkeys, miniatures, mammoth mules, and horses. We ask that only those with a kind heart, experience, and attendance reliability apply. We are looking for the following skill sets.

– Ability to follow directions without deviation, ask questions if you’re unsure, and log book keeping.

– Ability to keep barns safe and sanitary at all times.

– Ability to be punctual and great attendance.

– Must have good math skills; follow daily instructions, and communication

– Ability to follow company policies

– Have a can do attitude

– Must work at least one weekend day per week and work major holidays if you’re normal schedule falls on a holiday

Salary commensurate on experience 

 To apply, please complete the employment form below and email it to sanctuary@redbellrun.org 


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