Emmie laying down 1


    Name: Emmie aka Mabel Esther

    Type: Mule

    Color: Chestnut

    Markings: Star

    Sex: Mare

    Birthday: 12/31/2003


Emmie is a lovely, red molly mule who bears the name of Red Bell Run’s Founder’s beloved grandmother. Emmie’s full name is Mabel Esther since she was rescued on Easter and her nickname became  “M-E” or Emmie. Emaciated to the point of being skeletal with a rope halter so tight that it made deep grooves in her poor face, Emmie was in bad shape. The Circle of Friends Rescue Group in Oklahoma alerted us that there was an older red molly mule in need. If they could get her, would we take her? Who could resist Emmie’s sweet, sad face? Besides, it was Easter!

Emmie was duly picked up, underwent vet and farrier care, refeeding and rehabilitation in Oklahoma and then came to the Red Bell Run Florida facility where she became fast friends with our big draft mule, Shelby Ann. At first, Emmie was very shy and avoided people as much as she could – and who could blame her? We’ll never know her full story, but after several months, she decided people weren’t so bad and she has proven to be one of the kindest, sweetest mules at the Sanctuary. Emmie is quite elderly now and has DSLD, a disease of the suspensory ligaments that unfortunately has no cure – but for now she is comfortable on appropriate doses of anti-inflammatory drugs. Her caretakers watch her closely and evaluate her every day to be sure she is not in pain. She has also developed asthma this last year, but is quite tolerant of her treatments which involve inhalers twice daily. So far, she is still enjoying a good quality of life with her friends, her hay, grain, and of course…treats!

She and Shelby Ann are the first greeters whenever visitors arrive at the Hilltop Barn. With their smaller friend, Penelope, a Haflinger cross pony with a somewhat checkered past as a “bucking” pony, the three friends enjoy their hay nets, communing with the other Hilltop residents and entertaining us with their friendship. We hope our sweet Miss. Emmie will be with us for along time to come!   

Emmie before RBR

Emmie Before


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