Early smiling


    Name: Early

    Type: Standard Donkey

    Color: Grey

    Markings: None 

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 3/15/2020


Early is a standard donkey who was placed here at Red Bell Run when he was just a few weeks old. When he was born his mother wouldn’t let him nurse and he ended up needing 24-hour newborn care at Tryon Equine Hospital with Dr. Setlakwe. He is now 2 years old and has found his forever home here at the Sanctuary. Early has such a unique personality! He is full of energy, loves attention, and enjoys his time out with his herd mates at our Longears Lodge where he enjoys playing with his best friend Rowdy. Our farm tours are his favorite because he loves meeting new visitors and getting all the attention he can get! In fact, he loves tours so much that he will stand on the edge of his stall and stretch closer to his visitors. Early also really enjoys “helping” out around the farm if he gets the opportunity. He does this by doing barn chores the “Early” way, like holding his own lead rope, helping fill waters by biting the hose and grabbing or misplacing pitchforks. He is so loved and we are happy to have him here on the farm!



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