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Add & Edit Stories/News Tutorial Video

The Sanctuary collection of stories/news are referred to as a “blog.” A blog is a series of “POSTS.” Use the pushpin icon in the WP dashboard to access all posts.

I’ve created 3 “draft” templates to make your life easier. Add content/images and RENAME and PUBLISH.

Files are:  


Resize/Optimize Images Tutorial Video

This tutorial shows you how to optimize your images BEFORE you put them into your website! It’s very important to make sure your images are “web ready” before they’re uploaded to your site. 
Free online optimize link
Custom resize starts @ 6:25

Add and Edit Events

Add a new venue and its organizer details in the tabs under the Events tab in the WP dashboard (calendar icon).

I’ve created an event “draft” template. Change the event page title to what will be on the events page. RENAME, change copy/images, PUBLISH.

Files are:



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