Name: Clara 

    Type: Miniature Horse

    Color: Buckskin

    Markings: None

    Sex: Mare

    Birthday: 1/1/2009


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When our friend Celine Myers of the Ark Watch Foundation was notified of some minis in need, Clara was at an auction house in Mississippi with her 5 day old foal, Justin. Justin was curled up like a puppy in the dirt; a virtual petri dish of filth and disease. It was obvious that if someone didn’t get Clara and Justin out of there immediately that Justin wouldn’t make it. A vet came to examine the pair within hours of their transport to a foster home. Blood was drawn and lungs were scanned. The lung scans revealed that Clara and Justin had pneumonia and a series of antibiotics was given to combat the respiratory issues. Clara had been extremely stressed at the auction house and Justin was not nursing as much as he needed to. He was dehydrated and weak and would not have survived there much longer.

It took six months before they were strong enough to travel to Red Bell Run. Justin and Clara both had liver issues probably due to eating toxic weeds on pasture the winter before she was discovered. The toxins had likely crossed through the placenta and had affected little Justin’s liver while he was still in the womb. After a 2-day trip including an overnight in Alabama, they arrived at the Sanctuary.Clara has flourished at Red Bell Run after many months of recovery from various illnesses, ailments, and prior neglect. She is enjoying her life in the NC foothills!  

Clara 1
Justin and Clara Monica 1

Justin and Clara


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