MSP0241 (1)


    Name: Molly

    Type: Standard Mule

    Color: Chestnut & White

      Markings: Tobiano

    Sex: Mare

    Birthday: 1/1/2002


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Seven 4.1.22

    Name: Seven

    Type: Tennessee Walking Horse

    Color: Sorrel

    Markings: Blaze shaped like the number 7

    Sex: Mare

    Birthday: 1/1/2004


Seven is a beautiful, gaited mare who was found injured and starving in a field near Red Bell Run. Thanks to our friends at Polk County Animal Control and Longears Donkey Rescue, Seven was brought to Red Bell Run for evaluation and rehabilitation. Our staff promptly named her “Seven” because of the marking on her forehead.

Suffering from starvation, Seven was evaluated by our veterinarian who found that she also had quite severe neurological issues and was very unbalanced. Because she had been starved, Seven was put on a refeeding plan; giving too much too quickly to a starving animal can throw them into Refeeding Syndrome which shuts down their organs and usually causes death. At first, we weren’t sure that Seven was going to survive. Watching her try to walk was painful and there was a period of time when we thought the best thing for Seven was euthanasia, but Seven proved to be one tough lady! 


With treatment, medication and intensive care, Seven’s balance gradually improved. She endured several tests to see if her neurological issues were caused by a progressive disease, but in the end, our vet concluded that she must have suffered an injury, possibly being hit in the back by a heavy branch since none of the tests for disease were positive. She has continued to improve the point that she is not a danger to herself, and while we are always aware of her issues and watch carefully for any signs of discomfort, she has no problem ambulating around her dry lot and paddock. As long as Seven is able to enjoy life, we intend to let her!

She and her best friend, Molly, a red molly mule who was also suffering from starvation when she arrived, live at our Mountainview Barn where they are doted on by staff. Miss. Seven can be a handful as she is the epitome of a “red mare”, but we love her. She certainly adds a bit of spice to life at Red Bell Run. 

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Seven 1

Seven before

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