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    Name: Daphne

    Type: Miniature Horse

    Color: Black

    Markings: None

    Sex: Mare

    Birthday: 1/1/2011


Daphne is an adorable black miniature horse. She was sent through a Mississippi auction with her foal, Hannah. The Ark Watch Foundation rescued them and arranged for their rehabilitation. Daphne was very sick with pneumonia and had to be treated for many months before she was strong enough to travel to her forever home at Red Bell Run. Daphne looks perpetually pregnant due to the ligaments in her belly giving way after being bred so many times. Daphne now lives in our Mini Sugar Shack with her best friend Snowflake. She enjoys being groomed and going on walks!

Elle and Daphne Kristin
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Daphne Monica
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Daphne kristin



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    Name: Snowflake

    Type: Pony

    Color: Grey

    Markings: None

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 1/1/1996


Snowflake came to Red Bell Run after living for ten years in a pasture with one other equine, a mare, for company. The mare was returning to a former owner, and Snowflake would no longer be able to stay in the pasture that had been his home. Unfortunately, Snowflake turned out to be very sick indeed. On his intake exam it was discovered that Snowflake was suffering from a bout of laminitis in all four feet. Imagine your foot being hit with a hammer, then encased in concrete while swelling painfully. He was also in liver failure. Not only that, he had foundered, which means the bones inside of his hooves were rotating downward, and he had the physical symptoms of Cushing’s Disease. 

The liver issue was probably caused by eating a poisonous weed in his pasture. Our vet wasn’t very hopeful, but this adorable pony stole everyone’s heart the minute he arrived. If love could help… well, he would have that in abundance. Snowflake was quickly put in ice boots and given pain medication to help with the laminitis attack. He was started on a supplement called Sam-E to help his liver, blood tests were done to determine if he had Cushing’s (he did), and our vet took x-rays of his hooves to see the damage of the founder. In consultation with our farrier, a plan was devised to address the founder and make Snowflake as comfortable as possible. To this day, our farrier checks Snowflake every three weeks to make sure his feet are at the proper angle. Thirty days after intake snowflake was much more comfortable, the Sam-E was doing it’s job in repairing his liver, he was put on a medication called Prascend to control his Cushing’s Disease, and his hooves were slowly being returned to a more normal shape. a miracle, our vet said, that this tiny pony could overcome all of these issues…but Snowflake was thriving!

Today Snowflake lives in our Mini Heaven “Sugar Shack” barn with his girlfriend Daphne and is doing quite well! At 20 years old, Snowflake is living his best life at Red Bell Run – where love lives! 

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