Megan Cortez Millie


    Name: Millie

    Type: Standard Donkey

    Color: Brown

    Sex: Mare

    Birthday: 1/1/2015


Millie Britt

Millie is a beautiful brown donkey with a unique upbringing. She was unfortunately raised in a lady’s kitchen. Upon her arrival at Red Bell Run, Millie found it difficult to make friends and trying to integrate her with the donkey herd resulted in symptoms of stress. She has found stability in her own quarters with a window facing into the meds office so she can see people, a mirror so that she can see herself, and numerous toys and stuffed animals which give her comfort. She no longer is losing her hair or refusing to eat and is quite happy with her own personal paddock…Millie’s Manor. She has now been able to make friends with Jingo and Lucky and together they are a dynamic trio! We always love to stop and visit with Millie on sanctuary tours and she loves to extra scratches and treats! 


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