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    Name: Buddy

    Type: Miniature Donkey

    Color: Brown

      Markings: Donkey Cross

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 1/1/2017


Buddy’s story starts in a dried-out piece of land in Oklahoma that didn’t even have enough foraging material to support a donkey – and that’s saying something since donkeys are genetically engineered to need very little to sustain them! Buddy and his little herd of jennies and foals were literally starving to death. No care, not nearly enough food and unfortunately, an owner who just didn’t want to give them up, no matter what condition the poor animals were in. Hoarding is a true mental illness – people suffering from this disease cannot see what is happening to the animals right in front of them. They often start out meaning well, but the desire to have “just one more” ends up overwhelming their resources and they find it impossible to give the animals up, even in the face of disaster. This was the case of Buddy and his herd. 

Fortunately, the kind ladies in the Circle of Friends rescue group found out about Buddy’s plight and asked for help from Red Bell Run. The owner was truly distraught at the situation she found herself in, but simply felt incapable of letting the little herd be rescued. After many weeks and numerous conversations with the owner, a hauler was dispatched to haul Buddy and his herd to safety. The little herd was in dire shape: starving, neglected feet, and no veterinary or dental care. One older jenny went down on the trailer. Thanks to the diligent care of our Oklahoma vet and quarantine provider, Buddy and his herd did pull through. The jennies, whom Buddy had been happily “servicing” all ended up producing adorable foals in due course.

Once Buddy recovered from his ordeal, he was gelded, and he and his herd (now healthy) were brought to Red Bell Run. There is nothing cuter than baby donkeys, and Buddy’s family proved to be just as adorable as they could be! Buddy, although gelded, remains the “patriarch” of his little herd. His last foals are all grown donkeys now, and the entire family lives at the Sanctuary’s Longears Lodge where they spend their days being very happy donkeys on our dry lot and track system designed specifically for them. Buddy is now pretty much a model citizen, although he does take affront to some of the younger males making eyes at his original group of ladies. Because he was a jack for so long, we can’t take any chances. At night Buddy has a private “suite” where he can see and visit his girls but can’t get into any mischief. Buddy has even participated in many community events for kids. We’re very proud of our Buddy and he’s a valued member of the Red Bell Run herd! 


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