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    Name: Aspen

    Type: Hackney Pony

    Color: Bay

      Markings: Star, snip

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 1/6/2018


Aspen is one of the most unusual equines at Red Bell Run. He is a Hackney cross pony with beautiful markings and incredible blue eyes! His mother, Jasmine, is a lovely hackney pony who came to Red Bell Run from the Humane Society of North Texas. Little did we (or HSNT) know, she was carrying a surprise. Ten months after her arrival, Aspen was born. Although he initially had some physical challenges which warranted a stay at the vet clinic until he was stabilized, Aspen is a much-loved member of the Red Bell Run family.

His eyes are his most remarkable feature. Because they are such a beautiful bright blue, he will always have to be carefully watched for any sign of irritation or cancer. When he is out in the sun for any length of time he wears a UV protected fly mask to limit his exposure. He is quite a character! He loves playing with balls, carrying objects around and hanging out with his buddies Apache and Amy. Our staff has made sure he has his ground manners, and we all enjoy his antics very much! We’ll never know who Aspen’s father was, but obviously he and Jasmine had a beautiful baby boy!  

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