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    Name: Apache Pine

    Type: Hackney Pony

    Color: Buckskin

      Markings: Star, two hind socks

    Sex: Gelding

    Birthday: 1/21/2018


Our stunning Apache is part of a small herd of Hackney ponies. On the run from a bad situation in Texas, three little mares, Jasmine, Violet and Lillie, came to Red Bell Run at the request of the Humane Society of North Texas. No one knew that they were carrying precious cargo. Nearly a year after arrival, a little surprise, Amaryllis (Amy), arrived on a cold December morning. We rushed Amy and mom Violet to the vet clinic since the mares had been on fescue pasture which causes problems with newborns. 

We began looking suspiciously at Jasmine and Lillie – and sure enough, there were two more babies on the way! In due course Lillie delivered Apache who is a gorgeous buckskin Hackney cross. He needed a plasma transfer because his IGG levels (a measure of antibodies passed from mare to foal) was low. Soon after, he was able to come home to Red Bell Run! The youngest of this trio, Aspen, a bay with two blue eyes, was born the next month and came home from the vet clinic with his mom Jasmine. Apache and his two friends live happily at the Centerview Barn next door to their moms. The three are fast friends and run, play and nap together. We don’t have many youngsters here at Red Bell Run, so getting to watch these three grow and thrive is a joy to see! 


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